The Jerk Store Called and They've Got Your Shirts

Welcome to! We've got shirts and more for jerk-lovers of all ages. We have I Love Jerks and Bunch of Jerks branded tee shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts, accessories, and homewares. We started as a fan site for the Carolina Hurricanes NHL Hockey team, affectionately known as a "Bunch of Jerks." Being fun-loving jerks is our main theme.

I Love Jerks Shirts and Merch

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Bunch of Jerks Hat Distressed Dad Hat for Canes Hockey Fans
  • I Love Jerks Hockey Fans

    This line is for hockey fans who love the Canes and "get" the "Bunch of Jerks" reference. We love fun hockey celebrations and our fun-loving bunch of jerks. We've got our heart-on for hockey and the "j" hockey stick leaves no doubt what we're about.

  • The Jerkman Bunch of Jerks Logo

    As the owners of the original Carolina Hurricanes fan site, we developed "The Jerkman" logo for our site and merch. Select shirts and hats have variations of the Bunch of Jerks theme.

  • I Heart Jerks and Maybe Hockey

    If you love jerks and hockey (maybe), we've got you covered as well. We've all given our heart to jerks at one time or another, and we will be OK. offers a merch line with no reference to hockey, just jerks.

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